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Negociación Colectiva Valorización Económica
GTD Financial Advisory

A Synthetic Strategic Model for a New Chile 2022-2030

A contribution from Novagestión to the upcoming political discussions and definitions. Sometimes raising the general strategic definitions helps to clean the analysis and properly plan the steps to follow to achieve the proposed objective.

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Author: Nelson Escobar | Publication date: '19 Jul 2021'

It´s time to change

Below we make available to the business community an article written by our General Manager Mr. Nelson Escobar A., on the occasion of the discussion for the withdrawal of 10% of the Pension Funds from Chilean contributors, which occurred during the month of July of 2020.

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Author: Nelson Escobar | Publication date: '07 Aug 2020'
Optimizing the Economic Value of The Companies

Novagestión Financial Advisory wishes to address the focus on a crucial aspect of modern business management. "Value Management". In particular,
the optimized management of the economic value of companies. In this article we present the conceptual basis as well as the development of a pedagogical example through which the executives: Directors and Managers, can
lead, strategically, the management of their respective companies. We invite the community to address their efforts in this direction.

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Author: Nelson Escobar | Publication date: '08 Jul 2019'

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Our purpose is to provide a complete and efficient service of consulting, studies and projects in different fields of financial and economic engineering. All industries.Especially in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity; renewable energy; and environmental management.

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