About us

Novagestion Business Consulting was established in 2002. It aims to provide a complete and efficient service of consulting, studies and projects in several fields of civil and economic engineering to private companies of public service, government enterprises and entities in Chile, public agencies and companies in general, both Chilean and foreign.


  • To develop creative solutions to the implementation of high productivity and cost-efficient methods; ; along with providing support and information to our customers, permanently.
  • Always being alert to market changes that determine the evolution of the areas in which the company operates.
  • Along with providing support and information to our customers, permanently.

Our professionals, trained in the areas of economics and engineering, carry out the assessment of economic and financial regulatory variables, which allow the design of regulations, company assessments, businesses and projects; as well as development of strategic plans for management and administration.

Synergies achieved during a long history of working together between economists, financiers and engineers, allow fluid communication, coordination and understanding of complex technical processes, linking them to sophisticated models of economic, financial, and tariff evaluations.

In April 2013, GTD FINANCIAL ADVISORY, a new Business Unit of Novagestion Business Consulting, faithful to the commitment made over 10 years ago was born. In order to deepen our customer service, governed by principles based on solid technical strenghts and methodological rigorousness. As from January 1, 2016 we changed our name to comply the agreements with the former partners of GTD AF. From this date we are NOVAGESTION FINANCIAL ADVISORY faithful to the principales and commitments that inspired our creation.