Raising Capital & Financial Restructuring

Raising Capital

Our experience allows us to ensure that scores the need for working capital represents, generally, cash flow problems arising from ordinary business activity. Indeed, customers have the ability to pay now or later. Rarely do today you pay the provider at the time of delivery. Generally, payments are not produced within 30 days.
Also, every company wants to grow and seeking business opportunities, the funding problem appears in the first place.
From the information presented by our customers to grow your business, we perform a detailed analysis of future cash flows and from this analysis we set the best conditions you must have your credit.

Raising Capital

That is, we set the optimal period should have the credit, credit rate, either structured leasing, long term, bullet, syndicated loan, etc. and payment methods.
Our market knowledge and our experience in the financial sector, allows us to obtain new resources to our customers, we have recourse to various sources: local banks, foreign banks, international private funds and resources, making a technical defense specialist who is delivering the resources.

Financial Structuring

Our experience in financial advisory services to medium and large businesses, have enabled us to visualize the conditions normally found.
Many of the companies have sustained growth, for which request credit lines or short-term loans that allow them to go to fund that growth.
In these cases, when the decision to restructure the liabilities, we find that financial institutions have lost confidence in the company, which impact occurs in time required to obtain such restructuring and spend less time the daily life of the company.
Novagestion Financial Advisors, we care a sound financial structure, for which you previously requested the customer at no cost, your financial information. From this information we conducted a detailed analysis of liquidity ratios, leverage, among other analysis, and can determine the best structure of long-term debt related to improve liquidity.
Once we explained the situation to our customer, we go directly to financial institutions to perform specialized technical defense to generate a restructuring and achieving success in the financial transaction.

Raising Capitall

Our Services & Experience

  • We add value to our customers.
  • Our success rate is 90% on financial transactions, generating significant savings for our customers.
  • Our relationship with Financial Institutions, generates the best option terms, amounts and rates, from a specialist defense by Novagestion AF with trade and risk committees.
  • We generate a Financial Book to present to Financial Institutions.
  • We maintain a fluid and permanent communication with our clients, we believe in personal attention.
  • We have independence on the banks, which ensures the best conditions for our customers.